Ability to use campaigns as e-mail templates



  • Sean Maguire

    Sara - I believe we have a similar use case for this. We built a campaign that we need triggered by our field teams at specific times they choose. To allow them to trigger it, we use a Lifecycle attribute.

    So, the attribute is something like "Send Campaign" and has a Yes/No drop-down. It is defaulted to a value of No. Then, the CSM (or whomever) can edit it to Yes from the account profile page, or even from within a segment column if they're delivering to multiple accounts at once.

    Our campaign segment criteria then picks up that value of Yes ("Send Campaign is One of YES") and delivers it within a few minutes of being selected by the CSM or other user. 

    If you need to dynamically select the recipient of that campaign, you could probably use a similar field that gets populated by the CSM... Something like "Recipient" or "Key Contact" and put the external contact there and in your Campaign settings.

    I'm not 100% certain I understand your use case, though, so apologies if this totally misses the mark.

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  • Sara Persson

    Hi Sean, 

    That's very helpful - I will try to see if that could work for us :) Thank you!

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