Choose a range of allowed time/days for when a campaign can be sent automatically



  • Mike Arnone

    I agree! 

    We have campaigns that have been going out in the middle of the night and there is no way to stop that from happening. :( 

    Please allow us to choose times and dates for emails to go out.

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  • Nikki Kalavitis

    Agreed. I'd like the ability to send an automated response to an NPS survey immediately but exclude certain times and weekends. If the user gives their score on Friday at 8 pm then I'd like to be able to delay that until the next business day at a certain time without having to pick the date and time that currently exists. If a user submits a response after the date now then they won't get the email. 

    The same for follow-up emails when they did not open the previous. It would be great if we could send it X days after the first one wasn't opened with the ability to exclude times and weekends as mentioned above. 

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