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    Brittany Reichwald

    Hi Everyone, 

    Firstly, thank you for your feedback! We hear you and understand the need here. This is planned on our roadmap for 2022. Stay tuned for a date! Thank you! 

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  • Kylee Graff

    Second this! It's for user segments too. Example - They are a key contact OR their account role = X.

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  • Sean Maguire

    Lauren - Have you experimented with the "Is In Segment" function? I think it might help you here. Bear with me as this isn't the easiest thing to type in a clear way, but I'll try.

    Summarized: You create Segment A with your first criteria, Segment B with your second criteria, then in Segment C (the actual one you'll use for your analysis) you use the Is In Segment function to find your target population.

    Approach if you wish to compare the attributes using OR logic:
    In Segment C, you have ONE filter using the "Is In Segment" function which includes both of your source segments. Said another way, open Segment C, hit More Filters, choose Is In Segment, then add both Segment A and Segment B to that one filter criteria.

    Approach if you wish to compare the attributes using AND logic:
    In Segment C, you have TWO filters using the "Is In Segment" function. The first filter contains Segment A and gets applied. Then you add a second filter which contains Segment B and gets applied. Since Totango sees these as distinct filters, it will apply both as required in your dataset.

    So, both of the source segments (Segment A and Segment B) within the same ONE filter if you need to compare them using OR logic, or TWO different filters (with Segment A in one and Segment B in the other) if you need to compare them using AND logic.


    Using Kylee's use case above as an example: Segment A would return Key Contacts, Segment B would return account role equals X, then in Segment C I'd put them both into the same one "Is In Segment" fitler.


    The Totango team may have a better answer or approach, but in the meantime this path has helped us and hopefully can be useful to you and your peers.

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  • Matt Harmon

    We recently ran into this issue and while yes I appreciate the work around Sean proposed, it becomes very cumbersome.  We need the ability to create a segment with multiple customer names.  For example, Home Depot has subsidiaries like Behr and delta faucets, we want to be able to get a segment with information on all those accounts.

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  • Jennie Hayes

    Are we anywhere on this? I went to create a new post about it and saw that this one existed. I really need to see when crafting campaigns based on what campaigns a user an unsubscribed from! 

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  • Emi Sato

    The "Is In Segment" option doesn't work for Touchpoints.  We'd like to search for different subject lines like "Kick Off" or "EBR".  Really looking for the OR option, but Is In Segment also isn't available.  

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