Provide choice when logging a touchpoint where Contact exists in 2+ accounts (helpful for partners)



  • Ashley Butler

    Agreed. This comes up frequently with our team as well as we have sub-accounts and master accounts in Totango with users potentially associated with both. Would improve productivity to display an option of which account to log to vs error and requiring the CSM to manually log the engagement. 

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  • Vijay

    Ashley and Molly we are talking about the bcc to feature right? and the only way to "confirm" is (quickly solutioning) to possibly send a reply emails with options 1, 2 and 3 as conflicted accounts and asking user to reply to this options email with the right account's option number so the previous touchpoint can be logged against the right Account...

    You two agree?



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  • Stephen Komisarek

    Vijay -  I agree with Molly and Ashley, when using bcc option we have accounts I work with where the user email address is listed for two different accounts in Totango.  For us this typically happens when companies merge or have been acquired, there email address is updated to the new company domain, but they also show in the acquired company, which was a former separately tracked account in Totango as well.  After sending an email I get the reply email message from Totango saying that at least two different accounts were found so the item would need to be manually tracked.  Having the ability to select from that reply email that Totango sends which account to associate the previous email too, would be a great time saver and have more touchpoints tracked in Totango.

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  • Molly Barber

    @Vijay - yes, since we already receive an email that says (in so many words) 'We couldn't log this touchpoint because contact exists on A and B accounts' having the ability for us to click the account where we want the touchpoint logged (hyperlink to the account that maybe sends an email back to Totango so it's auto-logged? maybe?) could be helpful. Since it has to go from our email server to Totango's server, I realize it can't be a real-time pop-up (unless we were to have some sort of full Outlook/Totango integration where Totango sees our Contacts list and vice versa), I think the automated email that already bounces back to us saying which Accounts the Contact belongs to is already halfway there in helping us identify which account the touchpoint should be logged.

    I know not the smoothest fix, but would definitely help us get closer to ensuring all touchpoints are logged.

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