Update an attribute based on campaign responses



  • Jan Petter Rød Rasmussen

    I agree with Sarah on this one. 
    my user story for this would be related to master data maintenance.

    I want to send our customers/contacts a campaign that aims to get the customer to either verify select master data info or edit/update a set of master data that is not corresponding with our records. Like phone numbers, emails, new employees, new roles for existing employees or retired employees etc etc... 


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  • Vijay

    Sarah the "Engaged With" segment query term we introduced recently allows you to segment on users' engagement. Does that serve your need? 

    Jan what you are requesting is different from Sarah's ask.. You want to send a "form" to a customer requesting them to fill out some data. I understand that but it would help if you filed a fresh request as a separate idea. I thought there was a similar idea that was posted but I can't seem to find it.

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  • Vijay

    Sarah you could use a Destination Page to change an attribute's value based on user interaction. I know that does not match exactly what you want but thought I should point it out. https://support.totango.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035719772-Campaign-Destination-Page-Overview

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