Health Factor - New Criteria Comparing Dates Answered

Bin Jin

Hey guys,

I want to enhance how my company assess deployment health by being able to compare Target Go Live vs Actual Go Live dates. Currently, Totango Health Factors do not make it easy for that to be done. I want to encourage the Totango Product team to make an enhancement to Health Factors functionality to make it easy to do that. In the interim, does anyone know any workarounds that we can do to solve for this?



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    Sean Maguire

    Bill - It depends on where and how you master your go-live date values, but in the end all you need is a Y/N attribute to reference when calculating health.

    My immediate thought is you could somewhere calculate a binary Yes/No field to reference in the Health designer. Perhaps it's as simple as creating and populating an new attribute on your accounts like: "Actual GL is AFTER Target GL." The values could be simple and binary like "Y/N."

    Then for health calculations, you could say accounts can only be Green when the value of "Actual GL is AFTER Target GL" = No, or that health is Red when this value = Yes.

    Again, achieving this depends a lot on where you capture/master target and actual GL dates, but the logic is sound. Hope that helps, and good luck!


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