Health Factor - New Criteria Comparing Dates


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  • Sean Maguire

    Bill - It depends on where and how you master your go-live date values, but in the end all you need is a Y/N attribute to reference when calculating health.

    My immediate thought is you could somewhere calculate a binary Yes/No field to reference in the Health designer. Perhaps it's as simple as creating and populating an new attribute on your accounts like: "Actual GL is AFTER Target GL." The values could be simple and binary like "Y/N."

    Then for health calculations, you could say accounts can only be Green when the value of "Actual GL is AFTER Target GL" = No, or that health is Red when this value = Yes.

    Again, achieving this depends a lot on where you capture/master target and actual GL dates, but the logic is sound. Hope that helps, and good luck!

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