How to log user events if I don't have account IDs in my application Answered

Cobi Druxerman

Hi, I'm just starting my Totango set up and looking to get my web application's usage data into Totango. I've run into a roadblock, because my web application does not have the concept of accounts. Rather users work on projects and there is not a one to one relationship between salesforce (customer) accounts and projects.

Is there a way to either:

1) log events either via segment or some other tool without needing an explicit Account ID?

2) enrich my web application events with salesforce account data en route to Totango?




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    Shmulik Golan

    Hi Cobi.
    The users, in Totango, must belongs to a specific account. The usage is also aggregated to the relevant account, give you the ability to view, with other metrics calculated by the system, how many activities was taken in the accounts.
    If your web application does not not have the accounts, you may consider to process the data on your backend, adding the account (base on the project) and sending the usage using CSV file or the HTTP API.


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