How to create a segment for Unknown Health? Answered

Kylee Graff

How do I create a segment for accounts reporting unknown health? 




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    Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef
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    We added documentation to help create a segment for accounts with unknown health.

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    Sean Maguire
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    Kylee - If an account meets the segment criteria for your Health profile, it will always be R/Y/G, and yellow as default.

    Like you, I cannot filter on Health = Unknown when building a segment, but you could technically "reverse engineer" the answer here by running a segment on every customer with criteria NOT included in your various health profiles.

    So to elaborate, if you only calculate Health for customers in the United States, for example, then your set of customers where Health is Unknown includes those customers NOT in the US. If the customer is in the US, they'll always be R/Y/G


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