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    Hello Everyone,

    It appears there are multiple slightly different use cases so let me list them here and get your feedback if I got them right and if I should add anything more.

    1. As an Admin I want the ability to delete certain set of tasks fired from a Play (tasks with due dates more than 60 days ago or other criteria) without having to delete the entire play. We already support the scenario of deleting a Play and deleting or keeping the tasks that were from this Play
    2. As a Manager or CSM I want to delete older tasks from 1 or several accounts with certain date criteria (60 days or older) as an example.
    3. Instead of deleting tasks maybe introduce a new status for these tasks that say "Closed due to Inaction"? But then this adds an additional burden of reflecting these tasks in other places such as Team Performance etc. I don't see a value in this.
    4. When a CSM leaves an admin or a manager must have the ability to reassign accounts and the tasks in the account to the new CSM and in the process delete some older or all existing tasks before the assignment.

    Even though 4 is not listed here I added this. Do you have any other scenarios or comments on what I listed above?


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  • Raymond XIE

    I was able to delete a few SuccessPlays and select "DELETE ALL TASKS" associated with them.  I am good for now.

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  • Latimer Luis

    +1. I am not looking to delete an entire success play, but all open tasks older than 60 days so we can do proper retraining of our existing success plays. Was redirected to this idea by support. 

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  • Matt Harmon

    Yes, definitely NEED this ability.

    We have tasks that are part of our "staging" process for before a customer activates their product.  It'd be great to be able to bulk delete tasks for customers who have moved on into other part of the journey as these initial tasks are no longer relevant.

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  • Sean Maguire

    As we move into another new year and look to reset ourselves for another successful 4 quarters ahead, this request has come to us from our leaders in the business (not for the first time, either).

    The ask is for a way to remove obsolete tasks in bulk without deleting the SuccessPlay entirely and losing all history of past assignments, just like Raymond requested in this post above at the start of 2020.

    The specific ask was for us to somehow change the status from "Open" to "Closed due to Inaction" for any tasks assigned more than 90 days ago. We explained this is not currently possible and shared that we could only delete all currently open tasks regardless of assignment date (and that deletion would also remove any history of the task assignment and record of the lack of action from the account team), or leave the long overdue / stale tasks as-is. 

    We'd prefer having a more positive response to share when these leaders make this reasonable request of us. Is there any update here or plan to deliver similar functionality which we can pass along to them?

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  • Laurence Dean (Group)

    Sometimes a user or even an admin, you need to clean someone's backlog of tasks up. It would be really good to be able to wipe the task list clean, clear and start afresh. Would have my support.

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  • Angel de la Cruz

    New customer with TT, and this quality of life option would be great. Has this functionality been added? I am not seeing it myself.

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