Assign Success Manager Automatically based on region and other attributes



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    Christine Knific

    Hi Raymond, great question! We recently released Dynamic Assignment, which addresses exactly what you described. You can read more about it here - hope that helps, and welcome to our Community!

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  • Raymond XIE

    Thanks Christine, what I am asking is different.  I think you are talking about Success Play Task assignment, I am talking about "Success Manager" value assignment.  We have some 40 email campaigns and we use signatures of Success Managers for those campaigns.  The "Success Manager" of each account needs to updated dynamically and automatically so that we have right signature for each campaign going out.  Some emails are going out within one hour of a customer sign-up and therefore we cannot afford manual success manager assignment.  Is there a workaround for that?  Thanks! 

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  • Vijay

    Raymond it would be great to connect over a web meeting to better understand your needs. It is an interesting use case that might benefit other customers as well. 

    My calendar is available here -



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  • Kylee Graff

    Please update this thread with details if you identify a method that works for this. I'm needing it too!  

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