Removing touchpoint attachments from assets



  • Vijay

    Thomas thank you for this improvement suggestion. I completely empathize with this problem. Can you share what sort of assets do you typically upload that you would want to prominently be visible as opposed to the rest?

    MSA? SOW? Anything else?

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  • Thomas Favre-Bulle

    Yes, link to MSA and SOW is a possibility. Most importantly we have master documents about our customer setup that can be updated, but with a link to OneDrive or Dropbox, the link would stay stable. We also generate decks for next QBRs, and having them as stable assets would be great. I would like to see this these documents persist in the asset section, while attachment to touchpoints have by nature a more limited lifespan. You want to access them as you go through the touchpoints history, of course, but they shouldn't be given the same importance as the persisting, always relevant assets.

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  • Graham Ferguson

    Agree, this causes issues and just creates lots of noise. Attachments ideally could be saved in a specific folder in assets just for historical purposes.

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