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Yacine E


I am new to Totango Community and I need your help guys.

I am struggling to with Account Assignement. I do not find how to see and to affect a team role to my totango users. There are two team roles that are created by default but I cannot find how to affect the Success Manager Role to one of my users.


Why do I need this? Because when I create a task I can assign it to a particular role but I don't know where to affect roles.

By the way, I don't see the demo account in my Totango user list. Is this normal?


Have a good day.



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    Shmulik Golan

    Hi Yacine.

    The account Role can be assigned to a specific account (using the 'Account Assignment' widget on the account profile page, as a batch action (using an account segment) or remotely, using API or CSV upload.

    When you are using the UI (using the widget or the segment), the user must be active (i.e., a real CSM that logged into the system), so I assume this is the reason you cannot see Ashton.

    Please review our Academic documents for more details (a good start can be the following KB)



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