A bility to manually add an email address (or a few) on a one-time campaign



  • Ashley Butler

    This would allow us to leverage Totango vs. other marketing systems to send to a very specific audience in Totango - (ie. CSM managed customers who use Slack). Currently, the users have to be in Totango and can only be targeted based on segment criteria using existing attributes in the system. We don't always have a correlating attribute for some of the audiences we need to target and requesting to add new attributes for a one-time campaign is not always possible, or necessary long-term. The ability to import a list of contacts to Totango for a targeted campaign instead of just being able to send based on segment criteria would allow us to better streamline customer comms through the system. 

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  • Clair Grayeb O'Shaughnessy

    Being able to manually upload a list of customers into Totango vs. only having the ability to send to customers using segments would be a compete game changer. Unfortunately, because of  this I have to utilize other Marketing Automation tools in tandem with Campaigns. 

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  • Kylee Graff

    I needed this functionality again today.  Sometimes we receive lists of users to contact that do not include the account/user Ids Totango utilizes but we still need to be able to contact them quickly.  It'd take hours to tag or update attributes manually for the users and there isn't a way to mass update otherwise.  I'd love to just be able to upload a csv of additional contacts to include on a campaign.

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  • Product Team

    Everyone, the ability to simply paste a bunch of email addresses in the Email field of a segment and then create a segment for use in a campaign or just a segment was done sometime back. Is that helpful? 


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  • Matt Harmon

    Some times those emails might not be connected to an account, so in that case, the copy/paste doesn't work.

    For example, recently we had to send an email to a bunch of customers, and not all of them were in Totango.  It was urgent and we could turn this around faster than marketing.  We had to create a fake customer to add the emails that weren't in Totango currently so we could hit the whole list.

    I'd like the ability to send the email to any one based on an email address, not just creating a segment of customers.

    Matt Harmon
    Aruba Networks

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