Move Successplays within teams



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    Christine Knific

    Thanks for clarifying. You should be able to accomplish what you need by using the Copy SuccessBLOC feature, where you can select what elements you'd like to include in the copy you create for the team you're trying to move it to. You can then move the SuccessPlay to the SuccessBLOC you'd like to move it to. 

    This article has more information on copying SuccessBLOCs. I hope this helps!

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  • Christine Knific

    Hi Brittany, thanks for the feedback! Can you give some examples of when you might want to do this, such as what types of SuccessPlays you would move and what the functions of each time would be? 

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  • Brittany Reichwald

    Hi Christine, 

    Absolutely! I think the main issue could actually be solved by adding a 'select the team' dropdown when creating the successplay. We have a successplay that was created a long time ago, and was created accidentally in the wrong team. We prefer all successplays to be on the same team. Looking at deleting it and recreating it, could have implications, so it something I would prefer not to do.

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