Totango to Gainsight Comparison



  • Christine Knific

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your post! I have a few answers for you here, and am going to connect you with a team member so we can further answer your questions. 

    - We have several workflow automations, including SuccessPlays, that trigger task assignment and workflow management, data updates, email campaigns, and health score calculations. 

    - Totango has several tools in place that allow you to see data changes, both automatically and manually, in a variety of ways. Users are able to see historic data points and view histograms to evaluate changes as well. 

    - Our Audit API also enables you to audit who viewed and made changes to user PII data. This is mainly used for GDPR and other governance purposes. You can read more about it in our Knowledge Base

    Looking forward to talking with you!

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  • Guy Nirpaz

    Hi Jeff - thanks for the question and great to hear from you!

    When we design Totango we have more than just the customer success manager (portfolio manager) in mind. We know that the business operations managers and the data integration teams are equally important in customer success, they are the ones that enable information, context, and guidelines to flow into the hands of the portfolio managers. 

    You will notice that Totango Spark is not a collection of tools but rather organized around customer success applications - called SuccessBLOCs. SuccessBLOC allows you to design engagement model and workflows to meet a specific customer engagement goal (e.g. onboarding, adoption, renewals, escalations and many more).

    The lifecycle of planning, designing rollout and change is (incl. versioning) is embodied in these organization principles. We know that customer success is all about incremental iterations and we enable that. Happy to take you thru that in details.


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