Covering a co-worker's account while they're out of the office? Answered

Christine Knific

How can I temporarily help a co-worker with one or more of their accounts? For example, my team mate is on vacation next week and I'm going to watch some of her accounts while she's gone. How should I do that? 



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    Christine Knific
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    The best way to do this would be to use our "Add to Attention" feature. I like to think of this as my virtual "bulletin board," where I can pin accounts that I need to temporarily keep top-of-mind. Pinning an account to your attention will add the account to your portfolio scope until you remove it. This is a great tool to use in instances where you're helping a team member with an account, such as in cases of extended leave (parental leave, PTO, etc.) or when an account needs extra attention for escalation. 

    To do this click the red thumbtack on the account in your notification center or in the account page itself. 

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