Has anyone ever set up a "Welcome Email" campaign before? Answered

Product Team

We want to create a campaign that would welcome new users right after they sign up for our service. What's the best way to do that, or is it even possible?




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    Cobus Theunissen

    This is a problem/question for me, too.  How do you trigger an email campaign for new users in an existing account?  I can easily send an email to all users of a customer when a new customer is created, but what if they add 10 new users to the customer?  How can I trigger an email to them?

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    Anshu Uppal

    Could you create a segment for all New Users , based on the  date they were imported/created in Totango. Then send the Welcome email to all of these users. (i think this will apply to ALL accounts, unless you want to limit to a particular account)


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