What is the "Quality Score" in my portfolio?




  • Agour Tzour

    The "Quality Score" is a representation of a simple calculation based on the health of your accounts.

    An account with poor health will get a score of 40.

    An account with Average health will get a score of 60.

    An account with Good health will get a score of 100.

    The calculation of the quality score is:

    (40 x # of poor accounts + 60 x # of average + 100 x # of good) / # of accounts.

    Based on the above and for the sake of the example, let's say that we have three accounts, with three different health ranks. The calculation will be:

    (40 x 1 poor health account + 60 x 1 average health account + 100 x 1 good health account) / 3 accounts


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  • Guy Nirpaz

    Who needs a quality score and what is it good for, right? We've designed it to allow customers to compare the quality of customer portfolios. It is a weighted average of the customer health score


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