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    Christine Knific

    That's a really good question. SuccessBLOCS are meant to be extremely flexible so that they fit your company's objective and business model, so it's hard to say that there are specific SuccessBLOCS every team should use. That said, we do have recommendations for where to start. 

    Is there one or two areas your team has been thinking about starting with? 

    It's best to start by defining the specific outcomes or initiatives your organization is driving towards, and then defining the buckets those outcomes fall into. Once you do, you can define goals that will help you reach those outcomes, and the metrics that will measure your achievement of those goals. 

    We recommend picking one SuccessBLOC to start, and for a lot of companies an easy one to start with is Onboarding. Here's an example of how you might start:

    SuccessBLOC: Onboarding
    Outcome / Initiative: Provide a consistent, scalable onboarding experience for all customers.

    Goal 1: Meet implementation deadlines
    Metrics: Number of accounts in onboarding stage, average # of days in onboarding

    Goal 2: Deliver an excellent onboarding experience
    Metrics: # new support tickets in onboarding, NPS in customers 45 days post onboarding

    You can read more about SuccessBLOCS in our Knowledge Base




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