When should you introduce CSMs to customers? Answered

Product Team

Right now, we introduce CSMs to customers after the sale has concluded. However, I attended a meet up recently and the speaker talked about the value of introducing the CSM during the sales cycle. Is anyone else doing this? If so, how is it working out for you?




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    Paul Case

    We introduce our Client Executive and Customer Support Account Manager 30 days before go-live, but in some cases the Client Executive will get introduced earlier.  When it makes sense, the Client Executive will get involved in the sales cycle and will attend the onsite demonstration.  This all depends on how competitive the sale is and if we need to demonstrate the value of our Client Success as a competitive advantage.    

    We transition the customer 30 days after go-live to CS, which gives the Project Manager time to close out open project items before Client Success takes over.  We are using Totango (Implementation SuccessBloc) to manage upcoming go lives which allows us to be much more consistent with turnovers, an area we struggled with before implementing Totango.  

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    Christine Knific

    Great insight, Paul! Glad to hear you're using a SuccessBLOC to support the process too. What kinds of assets / campaigns / KPIs are you using for it? 


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