Slow-cooker integration: See which accounts are no longer matching

Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef

I have a scheduled Salesforce integration job running. How can I see which accounts are no longer matching over time?


  • 1 custom date attribute / mapping added per integration job
  • 1 account segment with segment trigger


  1. Make sure all Salesforce jobs have setting to run a full sync and rebuild objects matching every night:

  2. Within each job, add a mapping using the Function Editor to set a custom date attribute each time the job runs:

  3. Validate the mapping and save the job. 

  4. Create a new account segment with a filter for "Last Sync Date" attribute where date is over 1 day ago. 

  5. Add a segment trigger to notify yourself via email anytime a new account enters this segment.



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