Reporting on Campaign Metrics en masse Answered

Sam Morris

My organization has a variety of campaigns running (both one-time and ongoing). Consolidating these metrics into one place that can be managed and reported on is becoming more difficult as we leverage campaigns more and more as part of our Digital CS Strategy. 

Does anyone have any tips/tricks for consolidating campaign results other than Excel? Is there an easy way to expose API endpoints for this? The metrics needed would be:

  • # of targeted users
  • # of targeted accounts
  • Sent # / %
  • Delivered # / %
  • Open # / %
  • Engaged # / %




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    Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef
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    Hi Sam. I funneled this to our own CS team to see if they have any creative workarounds (outside of Excel), but we came up short. In case you haven't already voted on this wishlist item, here it is for reference:

    As a side note, I appreciate your coming here for help among other Totango users! We are currently working on launching a new community tool soon and hope to get more participation in the near future. 

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