How do I track time spent with clients? Meeting times, configuration time, csm utilisation etc. Answered

Ash Wheatley

Not sure if many people use this area of Totango but if anyone is out there, hello!

How are you tracking time spent in meetings?

Only been using Totango for a couple months now and am still utterly shocked there is no way to add a duration field to touchpoints. The amount of pressure I am getting internally about reporting on this is getting pretty extreme now. We used to provide really nice reports to the business around time utilisation - where we are spending our time, types of meetings our time is being spent, which types of clients are taking up the most time, which CSMs are spending the most time in meetings. All that good stuff! Since getting Totango we cannot do this and our old very very basic CS platform could do this - we could add fields and record any information we wanted against a touchpoint!

I have seen a suggestion on another post around adding "Meeting - 15 minutes" "Meeting - 30 minutes" etc. but it's not practical for us. We can range from a quick 10 minute call to 6 hours on site with a client. Our customers purchase bundles of customer success hours to be used for meetings, as well as hours for CSMs to do configuration work, so we need to be able to quickly see how much time has been spent on what.

Surely someone else out there is having this same problem? So looking for any creative workarounds that reduces double handling as little as possible.



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    Hi Ash. I've funneled this to our Product team to add to our wishlist. I'm not aware of any creative workarounds, but I hope to be proved wrong if others have them.

    As a side note, I appreciate your coming here for help among other Totango users. We are currently working on launching a new community tool soon and hope to get more participation in the near future. 

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