Whisk away incomplete tasks

Christopher Garcia Totango Chef
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How can I close out tasks in bulk? I have a list of tasks that my team completed but did not record in Totango. I would like to clear these overdue tasks from my team's agendas.


  • 1 CSV export with Task ID, Account ID, and Status values per task
  • 1 local file integration job for Tasks Inbound


  1. Within the SuccessBLOC that contains the tasks, click on the SuccessPlay tab. Then click "Export SuccessPlays" to get a CSV of all tasks, open and completed.    
  2. Open the CSV within a spreadsheet editor. Filter the data to include only open tasks you want to mark as complete, retaining the columns: Task ID, Account ID, and Status. Change the status for these tasks to "Closed." Copy the contents into a new CSV and save.
  3. Create a new local file integration job using the Tasks Inbound option.
  4. Load your saved CSV to the job, validate mapping, and preview your data.

  5. Click Save and Upload.

  6. When the job is finished, return to your SuccessPlays tab and validate the new statuses for the selected tasks.

Cook's note:

If you prefer not to go SuccessBLOC by SuccessBLOC, you can instead start with a "Tasks Outbound" integration job to export all your tasks across BLOCs; however, only tasks that have been updated in the last 30 days (max) are available to export in this manner.




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