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How do i make and API call to Totango using microsoft Power Automate, Desktop or Cloud version?

Has anyone in the community managed to configure Power Automate to connect to Totango?




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    Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef
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    Hey Laurence! Thanks for posting. I threw this question to our CSEs (their answer below). Looking forward to see if someone else has implemented a solution.

    Looks like [Power Automate] might use REST API. Have them look at making an HTTP API call. Depending on which API they use, they may need to parse the JSON response into usable data.



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    Laurence Dean (Group)

    Thanks but we tried so many differing types of calls that even we can't remember the options... Hence was looking for someone that might have actually got it working so we could understand where we were going wrong. Thanks for trying.


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