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Sam Morris

Does anyone use the Presentation Builder feature for Renewal Decks? My organization is looking to launch this functionality, but we can't think of a good name for the Deck outside of "Renewal Deck". I was wondering if other people had suggestions on how best to present this to their teams.



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    Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef

    Hi Sam! I queried the Totango CS team on this one, and here are some suggestions--some of which include the help of ChatGPT:

    • Annual Renewal Business Review
    • Renewal Recap Presentation
    • Renewal Assessment
    • Commercial Partnership Overview
    • Dollars and Dates Deck
    • Looking Beyond...(insert Renewal Month and Year)
    • (Company Name) What's Next
    • Partnership Extension
    • Partnership Renewal
    • Partnership Continuation Agreement
    • Partnership Sustenance
    • Partnership Reaffirmation
    • Business Value Continuation
      Another way to reference Business Value Continuation could be:
      Value Preservation
      Value Sustainment
      Value Retention
      Value Extension
      Value Continuity
      Value Perpetuation
      Value Endurance
      Value Persistence
      Value Longevity
      Value Maintenance

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