Transfer values from a text attribute to a list attribute

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How can I quickly transfer data that was previously captured in a text attribute into a new list attribute? I'd like my team to be able to choose a value from a list rather than type their own values.

Tip: Watch a video for this recipe! Product Manager, Brittany, demos this approach from start to finish.


  • 1 list attribute with defined values
  • 1 segment
  • 1 CSV file downloaded from the segment


  1. In Data Modeler, create a new list attribute (account). For example, "Region" with values: EU, NA, APAC.

    Note: Because you can't have two attributes with the same display name, we suggest creating the new attribute with a unique name (e.g., Region List) so that the API Name is set. Then, rename the original text attribute (Region Text) so that you can update the new list attribute with the name you want to use (Region). 

  2. Create a new account segment with filters for the original "Region Text" text attribute (set to Any Value) and the new "Region" list attribute set to any of the options.
  3. From the segment options, click Download CSV.

  4. Open the CSV, and copy all the values from the "text" column into the "list" column.
  5. Save the file in CSV format.

  6. Within Customer Data Hub, upload the CSV as a local file. Ensure mappings are correct, validate mapping, and save and upload.
  7. Return to the segment to verify the data is now in the new list attribute:

Cook's note:

When you have the data mapped over, you may also want to update the account layout if the new attribute should be replaced in the Key Info tab. Consider notifying your team and temporarily renaming the old text attribute by appending "_DO NOT USE." That way, if anyone on your team uses the attribute in their segments or SuccessPlays, it may help them quickly identify it so they can switch to the new one. When you're ready to "retire" the old text attribute, you can either delete it or hide the attribute. If you choose to delete it, Totango will first show you any segments that use the old attribute that are still in use.




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