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Hi all, I saw that there are already some articles according to Feature Request Time.

I was wondering if there is a smart way to add the time of the customized features per client? 

Any suggestions here how to do it best and include it in the flow.

Adding as a touchpoint could be one option but want to see

1) an overview of all the clients who have customized features

2) the time it was needed 

Maybe some of you found a smarter way to track it. 



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    Erica Waldorf Totango Chef
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    There are a few ways to approach this depending on the business case.

    1. You have a pre-defined list custom features which are implemented separately 

    • Create a new Flow for Custom Features or Professional Services
    • Create a Feature Lifecycle Status with at least two distinct stages for each feature type - for example Requested, Discovery, Development, UAT, Live
    • Add a Multi-Select List Attribute with the list of custom feature types (optional)
    • When a new Custom Feature is added to a contract, then the CSM or Account Manager can add the first stage of the Feature Lifecycle Status to start the clock and track the days in the specific Feature implementation stage.  Use the "Days in Feature Stage" attribute filter to track these days by feature - try it in a Segment or a Scorecard!
    • This can follow a similar automation process to the template found in our Manage Onboarding Projects SuccessBLOC

    2. Custom features are truly custom and not pre-defined or there are more than 10-20 custom features available

    • Create a Collection type attribute in the Data Modeler
    • Some suggested fields for the Collection: Feature Name (text type), Feature Category (list type), Feature Request Date (date type), Feature Release Date (date type), Days in Implementation (number type)
    • Add the Collection to the Account Profile as a widget (will fall under the left side/medium widgets after you create and save the Collection in the data modeler)
    • Create Segments using the Collection fields to track time spent implementing custom features and their timing

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