Scrumptious campaign opt-out flows using custom destination pages

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How can I configure unsubscribe / opt-out options to apply to different types of campaigns? I'd like my customers to be able to opt out of newsletters or training opportunities separately from product updates and alerts.


Note: Totango specifies campaign types based on the template you start from, but for purposes of this recipe, this term "type" can refer to your own conceptual groupings, as well.


  1. In Data Modeler, create a new user attribute (text). For example, "Unsubscribe Product Updates."
  2. Within your SuccessBLOC where your Product Updates campaigns are, create a new destination page (Assets tab).

    Suggested properties:

    Content: No longer interested in receiving product updates? Click the link below to confirm.
    Call to action button: Enabled
    Button text: Opt out
    Confirmation message on button click: You have successfully opted out of product updates.
    Page footer: If you want to re-subscribe to product updates in the future, please email us at [support email address].

    Information to be updated in Totango (on button click): Unsubscribe Product Update = yes
  3. Within the SuccessBLOC Campaigns tab, filter by Type (Product Updates). For all Product Update campaigns, modify the following:

    Footer properties: Choose to "Override global theme" and remove all footer components, including text.
    Text component: Add a new text component at the bottom of the email. Hyperlink the CTA verbiage using the new destination page.

    Target user segment: Add a new filter where the "Unsubscribe Product Updates" attribute excludes any targets where the value is marked "yes."

  4. Repeat the steps for each type of campaign for which you want to create a custom unsubscribe / opt out process.

Cook's note:

The default campaign footer and unsubscribe page process includes the option to resubscribe. Overriding this option with a custom opt out flow does not include a resubscribe option, so be sure to consider building a process for handling those requests and communicating it within the destination page verbiage.




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