Parsley, sage, rosemary and meeting time tracking

Erica Waldorf Totango Chef

I’d like to know how many meeting hours each customer is spending 1:1 with my CSMs. How can I quickly view time spent per customer?



  1. Create either touchpoint types or touchpoint reasons for each meeting type/duration. Example: Meeting - 1 hour, Meeting - 30 minutes. (If you use reasons, make sure to require reasons in touchpoint settings.)

  2. Create an account-level number attribute to indicate it is for counting meeting hours (e.g., Meeting Hours Spent).

  3. Within an appropriate SuccessBLOC (can be any), create and activate a new SuccessPlay with the following suggested properties:
    Name: Increment Hours spent by meeting type [1 hour]
    Description: Increment meeting hours spent
    Trigger Criteria: Touchpoint Type / Reason = [Meeting - 1 hour] AND Touchpoint Create Date = Today
    Update Information: Increment (Meeting Hours Spent) = 1
    Schedule: Ongoing
  4. Repeat the process to create and activate a SuccessPlay for each touchpoint type (or reason) using an increment value that corresponds to the meeting type/duration (e.g., use .5 for 30 min).

  5. Tell your team to start using the new touchpoint types (or reasons).
  6. When the plays run, you can view the Meeting Hours Spent attribute on the account profile or as a column in an account segment to sort by most/least.

Cook's note

When active, the SuccessPlay can update the Meeting Hours Spent once per day, per meeting length. The SuccessPlay action on the timeline rounds values up to the integer, but attributes displayed on the account profile include the decimal.

If you plan to track hours within a time frame (e.g., monthly or quarterly), be sure to adjust your SuccessPlays to re-set the Meeting Hours Spent attribute at the conclusion of that time frame. Pairs well with a custom metric if you wanted to evaluate % change!

Needs more salt?

Try creating a trend line/bar Scorecard to see the Meeting Hours Spent change over time! Then, you can toggle the scorecard view to see the trend for a specific CSM.



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    Luke Johnson

    This is a beautiful idea you've put together here, Erica. Thank you. 


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