Easy campaign cobbler using dynamic calendar links

Brooke Meneely Totango Chef

Each of my CSMs have their own remote calendar links to facilitate meeting bookings. How can I add these links to my campaigns and ensure each link is associated with the right CSM on the account?



1. Create an account-level text attribute to hold the calendar link value (e.g., Calendar Booking Link).

2. Within an appropriate SuccessBLOC (can be any), create and activate a new SuccessPlay with the following suggested properties:

  • Name: Update calendar link for [CSM Name]
  • Description: Set calendar link on assigned accounts
  • Trigger Criteria: Accounts where Success Manager = [CSM Name] AND Calendar Booking Link = No Value
  • Update Information: Update value (Calendar Booking Link) = [insert https://… link to calendar for that CSM]
  • Schedule: Ongoing

3. Repeat the process to create and activate a SuccessPlay for each CSM.

4. Within a campaign where you want a CTA to book a meeting time, insert a button (or a link). Add “Dynamic Data” as the external link URL, and choose the Calendar Booking Link attribute.

5. Save and activate the campaign. When the campaign is sent, the booking link will dynamically populate based on the customer’s assigned CSM.

Cook’s note:

You can alternatively populate the Calendar Booking Link attribute via CSV upload or other data source




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