Date calculations with a field function puree

Alejandro Torres Totango Chef
How can I use Totango to calculate the time span between two dates? I’d like to forecast the duration between the time my customers move to Discovery phase of onboarding to their anticipated Go-Live date. (Lifecycle attributes are great for tracking actual time between each state, but not for anticipating a future date.)



  1. Create an account-level date attribute for your starting date value (e.g., “Discovery Start Date”) with a blank value, synced from your CRM with write back enabled. When a customer moves to “Discovery,” set the value of the “Discovery Start Date” attribute in Totango, which will write the value back to your CRM.

  2. Repeat the same process for your ending date value (e.g., “Go Live Date”).

  3. When you have both populated fields in your CRM, you can perform the field function calculation in the Totango integration.

Cook’s note:

Substitutions. You could also use this approach to calculate how long a SuccessPlay took to complete. In lieu of an integration, you must export data from Totango to perform calculations externally. See this Totango wishlist item for more details. 




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