Campaign messages marked opened and read that are actually scanned by security software Answered

Brian O'Keeffe

I noticed some great viewed and engaged rates on a campaign recently, only to discover that the open date is often after the engage rate, which indicates security software scanned the link and there was no human engagement. Has anyone else noticed this?

Is engaged measured only once, the first time it is accessed (or scanned) and never again? I suspect so. 




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    John Rhoads
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    Great question... and something no one has asked before. The system records and reports the initial engagement.

    Similar to this - We have had report of a similar issue which is when the engagement rate with the link is actually higher than the open rate - this is caused by a block of the receipt confirmation within the receiver's system. Discussed here:

    Both situations create some puzzling reports: ("How could someone engage with an email link and open the email days later - or maybe never at all?").

    The research on this suggests you are correct, and these are caused by security scans or blocked receipt confirmations at the recipients level. In either case, we generally counsel our users you are safer to take the smaller of the two numbers (to understand engagement with the link), or the later of the two dates (to understand open timing). Currently these kinds of discrepancies are relatively small and have marginal impact to your larger campaigns. But it certainly does happen.


    --Product Team


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    Brian O'Keeffe



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