Eliminating Bounced Contacts Answered

Alysse Johnston

Do you inactivate contacts that bounce from a campaign for any reason?



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    Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef
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    Hi Alysse! Taking action on a bounced list is a great idea. In general, I'd recommend reviewing the reasons and internally deciding on which ones qualify for action, rather than take bulk action on all bounces. What you might deem as a "hard bounce" reason indicates a permanent failure (e.g., the email address no longer exists), but other reasons might indicate a "soft bounce" (e.g., the mailbox is full), in which case you might want to try again in the future.

    In Totango, once an email has bounced, our mail provider puts the email on a block list automatically. You can review blocked users and request exceptions for anyone whom you want to try sending again to in the future.

    To view bounce reasons, create a user segment and filter on "Campaign bounced date" within a date range (e.g., last quarter). Add a segment column for "Campaign bounced reason." From the segment, you could select any of the users, and apply a bulk action to identify exceptions, such as updating an attribute or applying a tag. 



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