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Evan Grant

We have recently onboarded with the Totango solution and have sent our first CSAT/NPS campaign series. Our company is international and needs to be able to send surveys in multiple languages. We have found that the submit button and the explainer for the score provided on the survey are not editable which has became a blocker for our use as we have a non-English speaking base (screenshots below).

We're wondering how other customers have addressed this with their surveys in other languages - did you add a sentence in the target language explaining the button or did you use another solution to complete the surveys? Any suggestions would be helpful as it seems like the options to further localize these options are in the backlog. 




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    Kristin Lisson Keeper of positive, active, and healthy conversations. Community moderator Totango Chef
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    This feature has been added! The editable items for an NPS campaign flow include:

    • Comment question in NPS destination page
    • Confirmation message
    • Pre text for selected score
    • Change score's text link
    • Submit button text
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    Brett Wrenn

    We too are have the same question. Would be great to know if anyone has found a way to resolve this. 


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