Release Notes - Ver 20.224- August 21, 2022

 Easier Access to the Help Menu

We moved the help menu to be a part of the right side panel and it now includes our What’s New notifications center. The content of the help menu is customizable at the account level, so you can configure what your Totango users will see when opening the help menu (Settings → My Account). 


“Mark all as read” for What’s New

We added a new button to our What’s New section -  "Mark all as read”.  You can reset the badge to zero with one click, and you will only be notified when we post new notifications. 


Inline Editing in Key Info Section

Now with few clicks, you can access and update all the essential information about your account.



Override Warning for Business Hours

Additional messaging has been added to the Business Hours process to prevent the user from accidentally overriding Business Hours that have been set at a higher level in the hierarchy. This is intended to prevent accidental overrides and assure that the user intends to trigger an override or immediate send. 

Additional Domain Authentication for Better Fraud Prevention

As an added security and Fraud prevention measure, new customers to Totango, wishing to employ Domain White Labeling will now be required to authenticate a requested domain using these steps. This requirement does not apply to customers who began their Totango subscriptions prior to August of 2022. Read more.

Bug Fixes

[Bug Fix] We fixed an issue accrued when creating a new team role and it would not get automatically added to all teams. Now the new team role will be added to all teams as expected.

[Bug Fix] Segments that reside in a folder in 'Global' SuccessBloc would show as residing in 'My Folder'. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We fixed an issue where a user could not edit the Lifecycle attribute stage if it was too long.  

[Bug Fix] When deleting existing tasks on the SuccessBLOC modal, it displayed wrong values. That issue had been fixed.  

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