Release Notes - Ver 20.223- July 25, 2022

Product Wishlist Portal

We transitioned to a new customer portal that will allow you to easily submit your wishlist requests and browse through requests submitted by other Totango users. Don't worry! All previous requests (submitted through our old forum) can be found in this portal. In addition, our product team reviewed all requests and updated them with the relevant status/comment. Read More.


Set Business Hours for Campaigns (Service Level)

We extended the ability to set business hours for campaigns to the service-level (in addition to Team and individual campaign level).  Make sure your customers get your emails at a time when they’ll actually open and read them with Totango’s new Business Hours for Campaign Email Delivery. As a Campaign user (CSM & Admin), you can now ensure they are sent during actual work hours and are more likely to be read. Learn More



View Seat Utilization 

Under the settings tab, you can view how many seats are available in your subscription. As we are  gradually adding functionality to allow customers to manage their Totango license in the app, you accounts will be eligible for in-app purchasing of additional seats. Read more here.


View Accounts Utilization 

Under the Customer Data Hub tab, you can view how many accounts are available in your subscription. Following the same process as seat utilization, we continue to add functionality allowing customers to manage their Totango subscription in the app. Your Some Totango accounts will be eligible for in-app purchasing of additional customer accounts. Learn more about account utilization and management here


Multi-select Actions for the CX Canvas

You can now move cards, apply and remove labels, and minimize/maximize cards in bulk on the Customer Experience Canvas.


Plan Tab Organization Improvements

The Plan tab is now organized into sections: Accounts With Plans and Accounts With No Plans, making it simple to find what you’re looking for by pushing clutter to the bottom of the page.

Status Attribute is now called Lifecycle

Creating a new lifecycle is now a separate option from the rest of the attributes when creating new account information in the Data Modeler. In addition, we changed its name from Status to Lifecycle.

Bug Fixes

  • [Bug Fix] Creating a segment using the term 'Products owned by parent' would display deleted child accounts under the products column. Moving forward deleted child accounts will not appear in the 'Products' column in the segment.
  • [Bug Fix] We fixed an issue where some PDF files would fail to upload to SuccessBLOC as assets.
  • [Bug Fix] Changing data type while creating attributes would not change the interface as expected and the attribute type would not save. The issue is now resolved.
  • [Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with Campaign mobile preview showing as a desktop preview.
  • [Bug Fix] Notifications that are marked as read appear again under notification when refreshing the page. The issue is now resolved.
  • [Bug Fix] You can now set a negative value for the Number type attribute.
  • [Bug Fix] We fixed an issue where the Salesforce aggregation job was returning ‘null’ values as text and instead of an empty value.
  • [Bug Fix] When hovering over the account assignment contact (under account segment) it would populate the wrong name. This issue is now resolved.
  • [Bug Fix]When opening a task either via Account timeline or the 'Open task' widget, the Health of the account shown within the task details was incorrect. This issue is now resolved.
  • [Bug Fix] We resolved an issue accrued when trying to create a SuccessPlay using the option of creating a new form.
  • [Bug Fix] Filters in the timeline view were not getting saved as the default segment view. This issue is now resolved.

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