Release Notes - Ver 20.222- July 25, 2022

Set Business Hours for Campaigns 

Make sure your customers get your emails at a time when they’ll actually open and read them with Totango’s new Business Hours for Campaign Email Delivery. As a Campaign user (CSM & Admin), you can now ensure they are sent during actual work hours and are more likely to be read. You can set a specific business hours for a campaign or for any campaign that is being sent per team. Learn More

Reassign Open Tasks when Account Ownership Changes

Set up the policy to assign open tasks when account ownership changes. Admin users can use this new setting to define in advance what will happen to open tasks once account ownership changes. You can choose between assigning all tasks excluding or including manual tasks, assigning new tasks including manual tasks or not assigning tasks at all.  Learn more

UI Updates:

  • Easy Access to the Creator Campus via our new Learning Panel: We added a direct link to our creator campus so you can quickly access self-paced courses, video tutorials and more. Learn More 
  • App Rebranding: We’ve updated the app’s green color palette according to Totango’s new branding.  

Bug Fixes

  • [Bug Fix] Team Spotlight task creation and completion dates did not match the service timezone. That issue has been fixed and dates are converted to service timezone.
  • [Bug Fix] We have resolved an issue where the agenda tab would not load content if the amount of items is too big. 
  • [Bug Fix] ‘Number of Objectives' metric did not update when objectives were added through a SuccessPlay. This issue is now resolved. 

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