SFDC Checkbox Write-Back Attributes - JSON_PARSER_ERROR (Boolean Values)


If you have a Salesforce checkbox type field that you want to enable write-back capabilities for in Totango, if not set up correctly you can end up getting a JSON_PARSER_ERROR due to incorrect boolean values.


If the attribute is not set up correctly when you try to update the value in Totango you will end up with an error stating "Cannot deserialize instance of boolean from VALUE_STRING value True" with the following error:



What this error means is that it expects a Boolean value of "true" or "false" but the value it got was "True".


In Salesforce, checkbox fields expect the value coming in to be set as "true" or "false" with lowercase t and f. So when trying to send the data into Salesforce, it will only accept "true" or "false" values exactly. If you have set up your attribute in Totango to have uppercase T and F you will get an error.


Please keep in mind that the attribute will update correctly in Totango but not in Salesforce.



To avoid this issue, please create a list type attribute in Totango and make sure that you add the options "true" and "false", with lowercase t and lowercase f.  You should then be able to edit that field in Totango and the value should sync up correctly in Salesforce. Your attribute should look similar to this in the end:






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