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Sometimes when trying to integrate large number of fields into Totango it is possible that these values come in scientific notation. When this happens they need to be converted from Scientific notation to a number value so that they show up in Totango correctly and any calculations are done correctly as well. To do this we need to create a formula using the Customer Data Hub Field Functions.




To load these values in scientific notation into Totango you have to leave them as a text-type field and use the function editor to create a formula to convert them into the correct format. 


Once the values come in and you make sure that the data type is "Text", click on "Open Function Editor" then use the "VALUE" function to convert the number value from scientific notation to a number format like this:
  • VALUE(<Field In Scientific Notation>)



*Note: To add your field click the "+" button next to it on the left-hand panel.
If you would like to turn the value from scientific notation to currency you can use a formula like this:
  • VALUE(TEXT(VALUE(<Field In Scientific Notation>), "$0.00"))
Please make sure that the field that is in scientific notation stays as a text field before you try to use the function editor. Otherwise, the function editor will not work.
The VALUE function converts text that appears in a recognized format (i.e. a number, date, or time format) into a numeric value, so if you do not leave it as a Text Type field the E will be omitted and the formula will not work.
In the end, your integration should look like this:

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