Release Notes - Ver 20.221 - July 11, 2022

Role based authentication for Amazon S3 connector 

This enhancement provides our customers a more secure authentication method with AWS S3 connector using AWS roles. Learn more 


Hide Attributes, Metrics, and Rollups

It is now possible to mark attributes, custom metrics, and hierarchy roll ups as "hidden" so those will  no longer appear in the UI for end users, except for where they are currently in use. This new feature enables the Admin  to deprecate old or unused data or build new content in stealth before exposing new attributes to your team. Learn more 


Count and display touchpoint and replies as one touchpoint

It is now possible to control via the touchpoints settings if you want to count and display touchpoint replies and follow-ups as separate touchpoints in segments, reports and scorecards (this is the default) or if you want to count and display touchpoint and replies as one touchpoint. Learn more 


Learning Panel

Access Totango’s best practices and guides using our new learning panel. Our new learning panel allows you easy access to video tutorials and training resources. Learn more


Bug Fixes and Improvements: 

  • [Improvement] We added a Show More button to the timeline for events with more than 50 updates. 
  • [Bug Fix] We added an assignee validation when running a SuccessPlay while creating an Objective. 
  • [Bug Fix] Tasks that are not associated with users will only show in the Plan tab and will not appear as a part of the Timeline. 
  • [Bug Fix] We resolved an issue found in the task creation editor when copying text from an outside source and the text style wouldn’t save.  
  • [Bug Fix] The Plus sign on My Portfolio wasn’t working as expected (non-clickable) occasionally. Issue is resolved. 
  • [Bug Fix] Multidimensional health profiles can now be deleted as long as there is at least one active profile. 

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