Release Notes - Ver 20.220 - June 27, 2022

Create a default destination account for your CC / BCC emails to Touch Points

This enhancement is aimed for customers who would like an alternative to the current behavior of this feature (recency rule). Customers can bypass the recency rule and assure that the Touch Point emails to a specific contact are always associated with a specific account. Read more here


User Experience Improvements

  • Contacts widget: We removed the limitation of 1000 contacts shown in the new Contacts widget. 
  • Alphabetical sort in FoldersFolders are now sorted in an alphabetical order and not by creation date. 
  • Customer Data Hub: Search integrations by Job Id.


Bug Fixes

  • [Bug Fix] You can now view thumbnail images within a segment when using Zoe share (via emails). 
  • [Bug Fix] We have fixed an issue found when filtering accounts under Multidimensional Health profile (VS. applying the same filters when creating a segment).  Please note: there is a limitation of displaying up to 1000 accounts. 
  • [Bug Fix] Team banner message is now displaying properly for all teams under My Portfolio. 
  • [Bug Fix] An issue found when multiple accounts or users are selected for mass update and a search with no search results is performed it causes the entire selection of accounts/users to get cleared. That issue had been resolved.  


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