Release Notes - Ver 20.219 - June 13, 2022

Multidimensional Health - Click health scorecards to open segments

Now you can click on Multidimensional Health scorecards (pie or vertical bar scorecards) to open a filtered segment.


Visualize micro-journeys on the Canvas with Labels

This new feature gives you the ability to label Campaigns and SuccessPlays on the Canvas, and then filter on those labels, making it possible to visualize multiple journeys in one BLOC.


New SuccessBLOC: Customer Marketing

The Customer Marketing SuccessBLOC is designed to drive customer engagement with automated retention and expansion activities to scale your growth. It allows you to scale your engagement model across thousands of customers, staying top of mind with your customers.

Account History Settings

We added the ability to control how much history can be seen in the account profile charts and health via Settings->Data Retention->Account History. Community Edition and Starter Package customers can view up to 90 days, while all other customers can set it up to 365 days.


New SuccessBLOC icons in the Customer Journey Marketplace

Fresh new icons for the SuccessBLOC in the Customer Journey Marketplace - we hope you like them as much as we do!


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • [Improvement] When an account became canceled we used to clear the value in the 'Number of days' metric for Lifecycle attributes. After this change, the value will not get cleared and will keep increasing.
  • [Improvement] Before the fix, when deleting a collection, the system did not present if that collection was used in a collection segment, only an account segment. After the fix, we present the collection segment as well but with a limitation; If a user has more than 10 teams and the segment is not in their current team the segment will not open.
  • [Bug Fix] After completing a task, the user was able to edit the event of the creation of the task from the Timeline, which caused the task to be reopened. As a fix, the option to edit the event of a completed task from the timeline was blocked.
  • [Bug Fix] Using Multidimensional Health, A Segment opened via the "My Portfolio widget - Contract Value at Risk by Dimension" was not filtered based on the My Portfolio criteria. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] User might have encountered random issues when trying to change an attribute via segment that synchronously write-back to Salesforce. These issues have been fixed. Also as an improvement, a success pop-up message will no longer be generated.
  • [Bug Fix] Using in segment the "Tomorrow" filter for a date attribute showed the current day as well as tomorrow. This issue has been fixed and now will not include the current day in the segment results.
  • [Bug Fix] Using Zendesk Connection as a Virtual Collection, User got a failure when trying to use the preview in Zendesk integration page. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Text type attribute appeared twice in the type dropdown in attribute creation. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Clearing list type attribute in Account Key Info overview did not clear the value. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When editing a Collection on an account profile page, changing date for any item on the list, did not show the change unless a hard refresh performed. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Currency type Hierarchy roll-up did not show currency sign in segment. After the fix, Currency type shows sign according to the currency attribute configuration.
  • [Bug Fix] Team Spotlight task creation and completion dates did not match service timezone. Now, dates are converted to service timezone.
  • [Bug fix] Before the fix, Under Overview Key Info on an Account Profile page, Numeric attribute with decimal point was rounded to only one digit. After the fix, the number in the key info and All tabs appear the same as in the segment.
  • [Bug fix] Dynamic data field used in the title of the task of the SuccessPlay caused various errors in the SuccessPlay. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug fix] Before the fix, when copying a SuccessBLOC, if the campaign tab contains an empty folder it was not be copied although the user checked it in the copy process. After the fix, the empty folder will not appear as an option in the copy modal.
  • [Bug Fix] Permanently deleting accounts from Archive was not available on some occasions. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] 'Add as column' for a filter in Totango user segment did not appear in the 'edit columns'. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Editing Rapid insight form and dragging a field position in form edit caused the fields to duplicate. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Renaming an objective might caused the related Tasks to be removed from that Objective. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Account types with zero accounts seen on Hierarchy Types was not removed. After the fix, when there are no accounts related to a specific Account Type, it will automatically removed.
  • [Bug Fix] Contacts of an account that does not belong to current team scope, but, can be found in extended search, did not show the contacts on the widget. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Archiving accounts few times in a row in a segment caused bulk edit options disappearing. This issue has been fixed.

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