Release Notes - Ver 20.218 - May 30, 2022

[PUBLIC BETA] Create Your Customer PowerPoint Presentation with the Click of a Button

Totango users are now able to create PowerPoint presentations for customers in real-time. Presentations in their own format, that reflect their most updated customer data. This will save them hours of data gathering time and presentation creations.
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New in the Marketplace

Manage Business Review SuccessBLOC 

Start proactively managing your Business Reviews today with our new SuccessBLOC.

Our Manage Business Review SuccessBLOC gives you all the tools you need to implement a proactive Business Review Strategy and ensures you are delivering valuable, on-time, Business Reviews.



Resolve Escalation SuccesssBLOC

Drive, monitor, and resolve your customer Escalations with our new SuccessBLOC.

The Resolve Escalation SuccessBLOC gives you all of the out-of-the-box tools and automation you need to quickly resolve your customer Escalations. It provides instant visibility into the status, severity, and types of open Escalations!



New Totango logo

The Totango logo was refreshed with the new Totango brand colors.  More to come!


Customer Data Hub: mapping templates improvements

Improvements to integration jobs mapping templates. Clear mapping template when a user changes the object; Default schedule is 11:00 PM daily; Defaults for object creation




Customer Data Hub: ‘Most Popular’ connectors category

Most popular connectors category that includes Totango most popular connector. Currently include Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Drive, Local File and Product Instrumentation


Multidimensional Health Design update

Health score in health pie is now always in black font. You can see status and breakdown of health in the numbers above.



Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Improvement] Before the fix, a user was unable to complete a Rapid Insight Form after deleting a collection associated with that form. After the fix, an alert message is given upon trying to complete a form indicating there is a missing associated collection.
  • [Improvement] Intermittent UI Page loading issues may have encountered when accessing some huge Account Profiles, resulting in seeing delays and errors to load Key Info, collections and widgets. There were UI optimizations done and now the Account profile page should load very fast.
  • [Bug Fix] After completing a task, user was able to edit the event of the creation of the task from the Timeline, which caused the task to be reopened. As a fix, the option to edit the event of a completed task the from the timeline is blocked.
  • [Bug Fix] Accounts that were archived were still returned in the segment. This issue has been fixed but it only affects accounts that were archived after this fix. In order to for the fix to apply to accounts that were archived before the fix, it is required to unarchive and then re-archive thees accounts.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, calculated SuccessFlow metric did not return a result when used as a segment column. After the fix, metrics are presented correctly in the Segment.
  • [Bug Fix] Attributes edited on the Account Profile Overview did not show the updated change without a refresh. This issue has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, a regular user that had access permissions to either SuccessPlays and/or Campaigns wasn't able to access the Canvas View. After the fix, the user will have access to the Canvas view based on the access permission to either SuccessPlays and/or Campaigns.
  • [Bug Fix] Incorrect account info was shown in the Totango Insights App in Zendesk. This issue is fixed.

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