Release Notes - Ver 20.216 - May 2, 2022

New Barcelona release widget

As we kicked off today our Barcelona release,  service admins can control the consumption of features that are in Beta.

As a service Admin you can decide to open a beta feature for the consumption of the team.


More data on the NPS Widget

The NPS widget for the account profile has been improved with a new UI that includes the ability to calculate an NPS score for each account, aggregate multiple NPS attributes together, see a breakdown of responses by type, and to search and filter replies. If you don't see this powerful new widget on your account profiles, simply add it in the account profile settings.



Multidimensional Health - ignore metrics and dimensions with no value 

Will be released next Sunday (May 8)

More controlled calculation of Multidimensional Health:

  • Attributes/Metrics with no value for a specific dimension within an Account are ignored and are not used in the health calculation of the dimension of that account
  • Dimensions where all their attributes are missing for an account, are ignored and are not part of the overall health calculation of the account
  • When an attribute is ignored, its weight is distributed between all the other attributes of the that dimension proportionally to their weights
  • Same for dimension: ignored dimension weight is distributed between all the other dimensions proportionally to their weights. Account profile health widget shows the adjusted dimensions weights


SFDC connector - Account Assignment Inbound

In Totango each Account Team is made up of a set of users, each with their own Account Assignment Role. Now you can import Account Assignment from Salesforce AccountTeamMember object or your custom object.

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SFDC connector - Usage Inbound

Usage information is important to understand the customer full picture. Now you can upload usage data from Salesforce.

This feature lets customers get the full customer picture by adding usage information from various Totango admins have a simple way to upload usage data information from Salesforce as a one-time or a recurring upload using a reliable and stable mechanism

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Salesforce Users Outbound - Support delete flow

Users deleted in Totango will be deleted in Salesforce in the next job sync

Unified contacts widget only loads linked contacts by default

Last sprint, we improved the contacts widget to enable you to see and engage with all contacts across the entire account hierarchy, even if they weren't directly linked to the specific account you were viewing. In this release, we've changed the default behavior to only show the contacts that are directly linked to the account you are currently viewing. You can still use the widget filters to expand the list of contacts to show contacts linked to parent and child accounts.

Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Bug Fix] Changing Team account set criteria did not show the account number change in Teams overview. The issue has been resolved.
  • [Bug Fix] Contacts list widget disappeared when contact has no first or last name. The issue has been resolved.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Currency type Hierarchy roll-up did not show currency sign in Segment. After the fix, it shows the sign according to the currency attribute configuration.
  • [Bug Fix] When trying to edit Breakdown graph, it was not possible to select Breakdown by metric which caused a failure to change the view. The issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug fix] When adding a dynamic assignment role as dynamic data in campaigns, the defined Fallback value was not displayed in the campaign preview. The issue has been fixed.

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