Release Notes - Ver 20.215 - April 18, 2022

Salesforce connector: Users Outbound

New job type in the Customer Data Hub Salesforce connector to allow exporting users from Totango to Salesforce contacts (or any other customer object)





Optional Password Expiration Policy Now Available

Allows admins to set password expiration for all the service users along with the number of days before expiration. When password expired, user get a login message and reset link.


New interface for creating & editing of all account attribute types

New, friendly and easy to use UI for creating and editing of accounts attributes of all types in the Data Modeler




Marketplace UI improvements

Several improvements to the Marketplace interface:

  1. 'By Program' category now shows first in the left menu.
  2. When selecting a category from the left menu the selected value shows in the title
  3. When searching, the marketplace show results once, and also the category name won’t show in the search results




You Asked. We Listened and Delivered!

Targeted Category has Returned to Reporting Chart

The Target Category has been returned as an option for the campaign timeline reporting chart.



Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Enhancement] In order to provide better understanding of errors encounter in partially successful integration jobs, the max number of the first errors reported was increased from 10 to 1000.
  • [Bug Fix] Changes done in the Campaigns settings (under Global settings) were deleted if the user did changes in another Campaign settings tab, the changes were overridden. After the fix, the changes will remain.
  • [Bug Fix] Contacts did not appear as expected in the Contact widget in the account profile. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] 'About the company' widget was not editable. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] 'Account assignment members' filter was forced as a filter for campaign or SP if success team is set with 'Account assigned to: logged in user' filter as the OR criteria. After the fix, the filter is not forced and is changeable.
  • [Bug Fix] Campaign performance chart showed different values than the campaign statistics. After the fix, both show the same data.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Parent health rank was affected by Archived child account health rank. After the fix, child Archived accounts health is not taken into account.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Account Plan Summary was missing 'See More' when the content exceeded the text area. After the fix, 'See More' is visible when the text exceeds the text area.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Pool refinement filter for dynamic task assignment showed wrong number of available users in "team member for assignment". After the fix, it shows the correct team members number that satisfy the criteria.
  • [Bug Fix] When changing account status (e.g. from Free to Paying) the segment data at the header did not change with the number of accounts. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Team Spotlight task creation and completion dates did not match service timezone. After the fix, dates are converted to service timezone.
  • [Bug fix] Contract Value field in Revenue center did not allow adding a "dot" for decimal input. This issue has been fixed
  • [Bug fix] When setting the Forecast state via a segment, forecast state was a free text missing the dropdown list of values and when editing in the "all tab", the forecast widget reset. These issues have been fixed
  • [Bug fix] When uploading accounts to Totango, empty account id rows failed the run. After the fix, integration will continue to run while skipping the empty account id rows.



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