Release Notes - Ver 20.214 - April 4, 2022


View the Account Timeline Across the Entire Hierarchy

The Timeline on the Account Profile is a powerful tool that enables you to look back over the history of an account to gain contextual insights. Some Totango user have configured their environments to use multi-level account and product hierarchies, which means that customer touches and engagements are dispersed across multiple timelines within a single account family.

In order to ensure that all relevant context about an account is easily accessible, Totango now has the ability to display all timelines across all accounts within a given account family. Learn More.

Access All Contacts Across The Entire Hierarchy

We've improved the Contacts widget on the Account Profile to display all contacts across the entire account hierarchy. This powerful improvement makes it easy to find any and all contacts, regardless of which account they're directly bound to. In addition, you can now link tasks and touchpoints to contacts at different levels of the hierarchy, whereas previous behavior only allowed you to link tasks and touchpoints to contacts that were linked directly to the account where you were logging the touchpoint.

In addition, you can now search for specific contacts, as well as filter the widget by Account Role and Account.


Terminology Changes 

In order to make the Totango App terminology clearer and simpler, we changed the names of SuccessTeams to Teams and SuccessFlow to Flows.

Invite existing users to a new team via top bar invite button

Add existing users in Totango to teams they are not members in yet, or send invitations to Totango to users that are in the team but lost their invitation.


Unified Journey Marketplace

We unified the EU and US Journey Marketplaces to a single Marketplace to improve the user experience for our users across the globe



You Asked. We Listened and Delivered!

Sent-once campaigns are now visible on the Customer Experience Canvas

One-time campaigns that were sent in the past were previously not visible on the Customer Experience Canvas. Based on your feedback, we've allowed them to remain on the CX Canvas after they are sent. In addition, this change has been applied retroactively, so all of your existing sent-once campaigns are now accessible within the Unmapped Cards track for you to engage with like any other campaign.


Campaign Performance Report -  Line Chart Improvements 

Campaign line charts will now reflect the 4 Primary metrics (Deliver, Open, Click and Goal) and all the raw data is available at each data point via hover. In addition we made the view clearer and with a clearer user interface to make sure you can track easily the performance of your campaign.



Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Digital Store Icons sizes in campaigns were huge and inconsistent across various email clients. After the fix, the Store icons were reduced to a proper size and in similar size across email Clients.
  • [Bug Fix] When creating a follow-up touchpoint, some touchpoints did not appear in the Account Timeline. After the fix, the follow-up touchpoints appear as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] When a user submits an NPS score with a comment, user profile NPS did not present the comment attribute but instead presented a reason attribute with "Undefined" value. After the fix, NPS comment is being presented as expected and reason attribute is not getting created.
  • [Bug Fix] Engaged Users displayed as "goal achieved" event in campaigns were reported in two separate rows when downloading the campaign stats CSV file. After the fix, all user's events will be consolidated into one row.
  • [Bug Fix] Account updates made from the 'Edit contract information' widget were not saved after a refresh of the page. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When trying to copy a SuccessBLOC that contains many archived and deleted campaigns, the copy failed. After the fix, archived and deleted campaigns are ignored and the copy completes successfully.
  • [Bug Fix] In Customer Data Hub, Salesforce integration failed when running a query filter with "&" character in an account name. After the fix, the query filter works as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] When Account is created with no Account Type and later updated with a new Account Type, all attributes disappeared from Key Info header under Overview. After the fix, the Key Info header remains with the same configuration.
  • [Bug Fix] User was unable to upload any asset under the Assets tab or when logging touchpoints due to using Non-ASCII characters in username user. After the fix, assets upload is possible when the name contains Non-ASCII characters.
  • [Bug Fix] Archived accounts that are not blocked, were not removed from Archive and reappeared in Totango after sync to Totango. After the fix, unblocked archived accounts will be recreated in Totango if any new data is synced for these accounts.
  • [Bug Fix] Content in the Canvas tab was distorted when the browser size is reduced. After the fix, the view is not distorted in when reducing browser window size.
  • [Bug Fix] Team admins with the appropriate permissions, were unable to create new accounts using Rapid Insight Forms. This issue has been fixed.

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