Release Notes - Ver 20.213 - March 21, 2022

Salesforce Aggregation using SOQL GROUP BY

Using the new Salesforce aggregation connector you can now import aggregated data to Totango using Salesforce SOQL query that includes a GROUP BY term

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New flow for creating Lifecycle (Status) attributes in Data Modeler

Improved flow and user experience for creating new Lifecycle (Status) attributes in Data Modeler

1. Select Attribute:


2. Select Status:


3. Create a new Status attribute:


'Select All' option for bulk actions in Archive

Added the ability to Select All in Archive, to allow easy selection for bulk actions


Community limit change for campaign emails

Community Edition accounts can now send up to 500 campaign emails per month from Totango (was 1000)

Ability to upgrade from Community Edition to Free Trial

When reaching the number of users limit in Community Edition, Global admins can opt-in to upgrade the account to Free Trial that allows adding up to free 10 users

Health calculation icon removed from the top bar

To allow a cleaner look & feel, the health calculation in progress icon was removed from the top bar


Customer Data Hub - Jira / Jira Service Management connectors: Scope changes  

Changing Jira / Jira Service Management Scopes (permissions) to align with Jira security update.

Read more on Jira scope changes for OAuth 2 apps

Read more on how to configure Jira OAuth 2.0 app and the Totango required scopes

Read more on how to configure Jira Service Management OAuth 2.0 app and the Totango required scopes

Customer Data Hub - Rename job creation steps

Rename integration job creation steps to make them clear and informative


You Asked. We Listened and Delivered!

Campaign Reporting Enhancements

The first of a series of refreshes for our campaign reporting. Upgrades include:

1. Raw data and percentages on all metrics


2. Information available (via hover) for every KPI.


3. Refreshed Metrics in Campaign Overview with Raw Numbers and Percentage Rates


Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Bug Fix] - Changes done in the Campaigns settings (under Global settings) were deleted if the user did changes in another Campaign settings tab. After the fix, the changes will remain.
  • [Bug Fix] Community service upgrade plan could not be selected in Firefox due to a distorted view. After the fix, the layout view on Firefox is seen as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] NPS campaign scores with the value of 0 were not displayed under user line inside the campaign report. This issue has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] Segments that include the attribute "is in segment" should not be saved in a new location when copying the segment. After the fix, this option was disabled
  • [Bug Fix] SSO Identity provider URL was limited to 100 characters, preventing longer URLs from being saved. After the fix, IdP URL character cap increased.
  • [Bug Fix] Team admins with the correct permissions, were unable to create new accounts using forms. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Searching user that no longer exists distorted the rapid insight form visibility. After the fix, form does not get distorted when searching for a removed user.
  • [Bug Fix] When changing the dimension of an attribute, the attribute appeared duplicate. After the fix, changing the dimension of the attribute does not create duplications.
  • [Bug Fix] When downloading the Touchpoint CSV export it did not contain the 'Touchpoint Type' column. After the fix, the CSV export contains the 'Touchpoint Type' column.
  • [Bug Fix] When uploading an attachment to a custom Successplay, the Successplay creation page closed unexpectedly. This issue has been fixed.

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