Release Notes - Ver 20.212 - March 7, 2022

Hubspot data connector: Tasks and touchpoints outbound

Customer Data Hub: Additional capability in the Hubspot connector: Export tasks and touchpoints from Totango to Hubspot to get a full picture of accounts status in Hubspot

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Archiving Accounts

Archiving accounts allows you to remove unwanted accounts from your Totango Service. Archived accounts can be restored with their data and are not counted against your DNA-CX licenses.

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Invite users from a segment when assigning accounts to your team

When assigning accounts to your team via Accounts segment, you can now invite new users to your team (for existing users) or to Totango.



Multidimensional Health UI design improvements

Multidimensional Health: UI design improvements to Scorecards, My portfolio and Account Profile health widget for a cleaner design






Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Improvement] The Campaign Summary Report will now address both the number of users who clicked the unsubscribe link in the email, as well as the number of users who have completed the unsubscribe from the campaign. Prior to this change, only the users who clicked unsubscribe in the email were counted as “engaged unsubscribed”. Goal achieved was also added to the Campaign Summary Report.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, changes in mapping in Zendesk integration were not updated, still linking to the old mapping and giving wrong statistics. After the fix, a full sync occurs once a day, updating and correcting all mappings.
  • [Bug Fix] When using the "Work" view in segments to view open tasks, the view was not updated to show the completed tasks as well. After the fix, both of the tasks statuses can be viewed from the segment.
  • [Bug Fix] When creating a custom SuccessPlay on an account, it was not possible to move tasks from the "To do" section to the custom Successplay. After the fix, the tasks are moved successfully.
  • [Bug Fix] Team admin for more than one team, was not able to move between the teams using the Totango users segment. This issue has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] Downloading a very big segment to CSV file, which contains "products" attribute column took a very long time and sometimes resulted a blank file. After the fix, download speed is improved significantly and file contains all the data.
  • [Bug Fix] Changing attribute name did not update the display name in SuccessPlay Actions under update information. After the fix, display name is updated accordingly under SuccessPlay Actions.
  • [Bug Fix] Campaigns with BCC emails, displayed the BCC email in the "Targeted email" column in the campaigns CSV. After the fix, the user's personal email is displayed as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] Attribute of foreign key type that receives a value that contains double quotation marks was failing the Salesforce integration. This issue has been fixed
  • [Bug Fix] API returned error messages regarding Multi-Select type attribute were misplaced in the response. After the fix, the messages are placed correctly in the API response.

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